Welcome to Digistore24 Select, an invitation-only platform and the next level in integrated online sales and marketing. We are an agency within Digistore24 USA that connects engaged audiences with superior wellness and vitality solutions by creating high-performing campaigns as well as custom content and promotions that educate and enrich the lives of your customers and community members.

exceptional wellness products backed by science • trusted brands • reputable business ethics
premium offers and upsells • best-in-class affiliates • competitive commissions

Our Vendors

Digistore24 Select brands are meticulously curated, with products that are clinically researched and proven effective. In addition to providing premium solutions that benefit human health, our reputable vendors share our uncompromising commitment to superior customer service.

Our Affiliates

The affiliates invited to partner with Digistore24 Select are among the best in the industry, with dedicated followers who trust them to provide access to innovative and effective wellness solutions for them and their families.

Our Team

Digistore24 Select comprises an elite team of top-notch marketers, affiliate managers, and creative professionals driven by an unrelenting desire for excellence and an unparalleled talent for generating high-converting offers.

The Digistore24 Select Mission

We aim to deliver and execute strategies that propel extraordinary brands to 8-figure success stories, and to develop meaningful, enduring relationships with our affiliates so they can bring added value to their communities.

Brands We Work With

What do we do?

At Digistore24 Select, we do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on growing your brand or community.

If you are a vendor with a premier wellness or vitality product to promote, but need help navigating the affiliate marketing space, our team will guide you through each step of the process to ensure your unique offer stands out on our marketplace and is promoted by our best-in-class affiliates. The Digistore24 Select team will not only create a customized sales page for your physical or digital product, but we will continue to test and optimize your page to ensure your page is performing (and your offer is converting). 

If you are an affiliate, we offer the chance to promote superior-quality, science-backed wellness products guaranteed to generate interest among your followers and put money in your pocket—up to 50% commissions and very few chargebacks because the products are so effective. In addition, we craft engaging email swipes for our affiliates that you can easily personalize and send to your followers.

Interested in partnering with Digistore24 Select?

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If you have a product or service that you believe fits with  Digistore24 Select's goals, we invite you to apply below. 

Keep in mind that due to our extremely high standards of product selection, most products are turned down by our experts.

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If you have the audience and credibility Digistore24 Select is looking in an affiliate marketer, we invite you to apply below.

Keep in mind that due to our extremely high standards of affiliate selection, 3 out of every 4 affiliates are turned down by our team.

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